Malaysian Paintball Official Circuit (MPOC) 2011

The Malaysian Paintball Official Circuit (MPOC) is back for 2011! The most prestigious Malaysian paintball league, the MPOC is sanctioned by various international paintball bodies, including the Millennium series in Europe, and the PSP in US.

As a special bonus, we’re giving FREE REGISTRATION for the first leg (Federal Territory Cup) to the first 50 teams to register! Book your spot now!

Locally, the MPOC is supported by the Ministry of Youth and Sports (KBS), the Ministry of Tourism, and the Royal Malaysian Police.

2011 Division Promotions:

Division 2 to Division 1 (5 Boxes of paintballs per leg sponsorship)

  1. Team EastSiderzz
  2. Team Red Sevens
  3. Team Urban X – Optional
  4. Team Jokerz – Optional

Division 3 to Division 2 (3 Boxes of paintballs per leg sponsorship)

  1. Team Hammer Zero
  2. Team Zoo
  3. Team Ultimate Speed
  4. Team Street Mobsters

Division 4 to Division 3 (1 box of paintballs per leg sponsorship)

  1. Team KSK Flash
  2. Team RocknRolla
  3. Team Kejahatan 2
  4. Team Pro Lintas Legion X
  5. Team Red Hawks
  6. Team Kejahatan 1

Teams that do not wish to be promoted must send in a formal appeal via email as to why they cannot make the transition to the higher division. Reasons such as significant roster changes that weaken the team can be accepted if genuine. All decisions by the PALS HQ committee are final.

All teams that voluntarily register in a division higher than the one they played in for MPOC or NPL 2010 will receive the same sponsorship if they register for the season.

Appeals and registration forms can be sent via email to, or to the PALS HQ at the following address:

PALS Event Sdn. Bhd.
52-1, Jalan PJU8/5B,
Bandar Damansara Perdana,
47820 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan,

More Information:


Division 1 – Format Race to 4 – PSP or Millennium Ramping – 12bps – (10 mins of Game time)

Division 2 – Format Race to 2 – PSP or Millennium Ramping – 12bps – (7 mins of Game Time)

Division 3 – Format Race to 1 – PSP or Millennium Ramping – 12bps

Division 4 – Format Race to 1 – Semi Auto (Mechanical) – Own markers & own accessories encouraged.


In keeping with the MPOC spirit of keeping it affordable to all…we would like to put forward this proposal for your consideration and thoughts.The field of MPOC 2011 will be like that used in the Millennium Series and will have an attacking flavour to them to further reduce the use of paint by teams.


Division 1 – Registration RM650 Paintballs $175 – RM 195

Division 2 – Registration RM450 Paintballs $175 – RM 195

Division 3 – Registration RM350 Paintballs $175 – RM 195

Division 4 – Registration RM250 Paintball  $175 – RM 195

ID Card  : RM45 per registered player(Per Season)
Paintball: High Quality Tournament Paint


Division 1
1st Prize  – Trophy + Medals +$4000 +USD300 DYE Vouchers+ 4 Boxes(For WCA 2011)
2nd Prize – Medals + $2800 + 3 Boxes(For WCA 2011)
3rd Prize –  Medals + $1500 + 2 Boxes(For WCA 2011)
4th Prize –  Medals + USD 100 DYE Vouchers

Series Prize: Trophy +RM6000 + World Cup Asia Entry for Div 1(RM1820) Total Value: RM7820

Division 2
1st Prize  – Trophy + Medals + RM3500 +USD200 DYE Vouchers+ 4 Boxes(For MPOC 2011)
2nd Prize – Medals + RM2500 + 3 Boxes(For MPOC 2011)
3rd Prize  – Medals + RM1500 + 2 Boxes(For MPOC 2011)
4th Prize – Medals + USD 100 DYE Vouchers

Series Prize: Trophy + RM5500 + World Cup Asia Entry for Div 2(RM1456) Total Value: RM6956

Division 3
1st Prize  – Trophy + Medals + RM3000 +USD 200 DYE Vouchers+ 4 Boxes(For MPOC 2011)
2nd Prize – Medals + RM2000 + 3 Boxes(For MPOC 2011)
3rd Prize  – Medals + RM1000 + 2 Boxes(For MPOC 2011)
4th Prize – Medals + USD 100 DYE Vouchers

Series Prize: RM4500 + World Cup Asia Entry into Div 3(RM728) Total Value: RM5228

Division 4
1st Prize   – Medals + RM1500 + RM1000 Worth of prizes
2nd Prize  – Medals + RM  900 +  RM700 Worth of Prizes
3rd Prize   – Medals + RM  500 +  RM400 Worth of Prizes

Series Prize: RM3000 Worth of Goods +World Cup Asia Entry into Div 3(RM728).Total Value:RM3728

*Note: For Divisions with less than 10 teams , prizes may be reduced by 20%.


For all teams that attend the MPOC 2011 that can show proof of airtickets for at least 5 of their team members, REGISTRATION WILL BE WAIVED & 3 BOXES OF COMPLIMENTARY PAINTBALLS WILL BE GIVEN!!


To all teams who are in D4 and teams who are thinking of joining D4 in the MPOC in 2011 are in for a major treat.In our bid to promote the sport to more and more players..the D4 in the MPOC will be the greatest ever in our history.

The 1st 20 teams that register for the whole season will be able to take back their markers for training(very low deposit required)…no more shitty house markers…you will be responsible for your own destiny!!!

Special training rates will also be arranged for your team at Xtion Paintball where you will enjoy the same benefits as the higher division teams.



For all D4 team this year who are making the move the D3 or who have been requested to move to D3 but cannot afford to buy their own markers yet….fear not…the MPOC 2011 will allocate out your own personal house marker when you register for the season + the outlay of a small deposit.

The marker will be competitive and is worth RM xxxx. It will have 4 ramping modes. This is only valid for the 1st 10 teams that sign up. Teams with markers will not be allocated these markers.