NOTICE: PALS China dates shifted due to Boao Forum

Due to unavoidable circumstances, the PALS China Cup dates will have to be moved. The tentative dates are 29 April – 1 May.

The ban is due to the Boao Forum for Asia Annual Conference, which will be held on the 1st of April. As the Forum will be attended by some very influential people from the government, business, and academia spheres, the Chinese government has banned any sports involving firearms up to 2 weeks before and after the forum.

Michael Whybrew, Tournament Director of PALS China Cup, has issued an official statement about the shift in dates, part of which can be read below.

Download the full statement.

Hi Everyone,

I am sending this to you as a China Cup sponsor, promoter, supporter, player or team.

Last Thursday we received the letter from the government department in Hainan Island that we have been working with for the last 9months telling us that we could no longer run the China Cup on March 25th to 27th due to our approval being revoked on that datebecause of another event, the 2011 Boao Forums being held a week later.

As soon as we received the official letter a phone call was made by Hainan Paintball Sports and Culture Pty/Ltd (the company given the government approval to run the China Cup event) Director Michael Tan to see what our options were. He was asked about the possibility of moving our event nearer to Sanya in the South of Hainan Island was acceptable. We said we would be prepared to do so if it meant we could still run the event on the same date.

After waiting for 5 days whilst the different government departments tried to work this out amongst themselves, we were finally told today that our only option was to move to another date. They said that despite their best efforts, nowhere on Hainan Island will any sport with a firearm be allowed from March 15th to April 25th because of the Boao Forums.

As you can imagine, as the promoters, we are unsure if this date change is even possible at this stage. We are aware people have booked tickets, taken holidays, not everything can be changed so easily.

Our problem is compounded now because Chinese New Year is next week, everything here in China has basically stopped and as such we will not be able to get in writing a confirmation from the government that the new date is accepted until at this stage, Feb 17th, maybe a couple of days sooner.

This makes it difficult for teams, those that have already booked tickets, holidays at work etc. I do not want teams to pay to change their flights only to be told again that the date is changed a second time. So the date we are looking at rescheduling the China Cup to is Friday April 29th to Sunday May 1st . The location for the hotel and Stadium will be the same.

We are asking for any teams that have already booked their tickets to please call your airline now to let them know to put your flights onhold. And for any other teams, competitors or sponsors to hold off buying your tickets until this is 100% confirmed.

We humbly ask teams for their patience in dealing with this.

Click here to download the full statement.

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  1. Please let me know what the r4 ds is

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