PALS Thailand establishes Thailand Paintball Official Circuit (TPOC)

21 JANUARY 2011

TPOC logoWe are proud to announce that with immediate effect the Thai Paintball Official Circuit(TPOC) is now recognised under the prestigious Paintball Asia League Series (PALS).

Paintball Asia League Series founder Mr. Paul WY Lam will be present for the inaugural launch of the Thailand Paintball Official Circuit 1st Leg in Bangkok on the 22nd April 2011.

With a strong infrastructure set up boasting proper millennium size fields, score boards, quality referees, high prize money and the race to format, Thailand Paintball Official Circuit (TPOC) brings out the best in competition paintball that Thailand can offer.

Local sponsors including Chang Beer, Coca Cola and True will be present.
We càn also look forwards also to international paintball companies like DYE Paintball and SLY Equipment, PBH and local dealers whom have also pledged attendance in support of the event.

We are expecting participation of several international teams from neighbouring countries like Malaysia, Iñdonesia and Singapore.

On this joyous occassion, Mr Paul WY Lam and Mr. Tom Chinveerabhand (Tournament Director of the TPOC) will be signing the official affiliation of the TPOC with the local Malaysian Paintball Official Circuit (MPOC) whereby the TPOC will be unified under the PALS rules and regulations.

Mr Paul Lam’s first leg of the MPOC concluded last weekend with a record breaking participation of 65 local + 16 varsity teams, totaling 81 teams.

PALS Head of Rules and Regulations Mr. Junaidi Kalil will also be present to conduct the first ever Asia Referee certification for the local referees in Thailand. This clinic is free to all who are interested in becoming a referee. Mr. Junaidi will be offering a 2 day seminar on theory and practical training for parties interested. Upon completion of the course; local referees will be presented with a certificate of attendance who can then look forward to serving under the ASIA REF body.

We trust that with the guidance and the support of the PALS Headquarters, tournament paintball in Thailand will be on the right direction for growth and have limitless potential in coming years.

Patrick Tan
Tournament Director
PALS Thailand

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