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PALS Thailand establishes Thailand Paintball Official Circuit (TPOC)

21 JANUARY 2011

TPOC logoWe are proud to announce that with immediate effect the Thai Paintball Official Circuit(TPOC) is now recognised under the prestigious Paintball Asia League Series (PALS).

Paintball Asia League Series founder Mr. Paul WY Lam will be present for the inaugural launch of the Thailand Paintball Official Circuit 1st Leg in Bangkok on the 22nd April 2011.

With a strong infrastructure set up boasting proper millennium size fields, score boards, quality referees, high prize money and the race to format, Thailand Paintball Official Circuit (TPOC) brings out the best in competition paintball that Thailand can offer. Continue reading

Get Ready For an MPOC Roadtrip! Destination… Malacca.

MPOC 2011 Melaka Cup PosterFor the first time in three years, the Malaysian Paintball Official Circuit will be taken out of the capital state of Malaysia, to the historical city of Malacca.

Since its last venture to Kedah in 2008, the MPOC has stayed mainly in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor, to keep costs down for players – traveling costs, as exotic as it may be, do weigh heavily on players.

Now though, the league is ready to take to the road once more.

Players are looking forward to the 5th & 6th of March 2011, when the second leg of the MPOC, aka the Malacca Cup, will be held. The venue is currently slated to be Dataran Pahlawan, which boasts a field famed for its gorgeous outdoor turf and fantastic drainage, though this remains subject to confirmation. Continue reading