Daily Archives: January 13, 2011

Paintball Heads Towards Mainstream



KUALA LUMPUR – It’s “ready, steady, shoot!” as the Malaysian Paintball Official Circuit (MPOC) starts off with a bang for the 2011 season at the Padang Bukit Ekspo in UPM, Serdang.

Over 70 teams have signed up for their dose of adrenaline, excitement, and paint in the prestigious league organized by PALS Event, marking a historic first for the event, and requiring the addition of a third paintball field to the standard two per event.


“Our registration fees are one of the lowest in the industry, but we decided to offer teams free registration anyway to start the season,” says Allan Phang, PALS Assistant Tournament Director. “This is in line with our goals of making paintball more affordable for everyone – a necessary step as paintball heads towards mainstream sport status.”

Normally, registration for the league ranges from RM250 to RM650, depending on the Division that the team is registering for, and teams usually number between 40 to 50. In a bid to support all facets of the industry, PALS is also offering free booth space to paintball field owners so that they can promote their respective fields. Continue reading